The 7 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Contact forms are essential on pretty much any website, and while WordPress does not have any built-in functionality to create such forms, there are a number of form builder plugins that are perfect for this purpose. In fact, some of them are much more than contact form creators, you can build any kind of form with them, including questionnaires and polls.
Let’s take a look at the best contact form plugins for WordPress:
#1: Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the best contact forms plugin for WordPress. Use it to create the most simple of contact forms, up to multi-step user content submission forms on the front end of your site (ideal for encouraging user generated content). For bonus points, the form builder is super easy to use. You can even create forms that enter content into custom post types.
With Gravity Forms, you can also create conditional fields, and this works very nicely specifically for creating order forms. It performs advanced calculations based on input field values. Gravity forms can therefore be used to sell products from your site, and users can also customise the product variations to get an updated price before they purchase.  » Read More