WordPress 4.8 Will End Support for Internet Explorer Versions 8, 9, and 10

WordPress Tavern: Over the weekend, Matt Mullenweg announced that the upcoming WordPress 4.8 release will drop support for IE versions 8, 9, and 10. Core contributors have been discussing browser support for the past two months in relationship to setting technical requirements for the new editor. Microsoft discontinued support for IE 8, 9, and 10 in January […]

New Plugin Offers Better Plugin Recommendations in the WordPress Admin

WordPress Tavern: If you work with WordPress every day you may have learned to tune out the recommended plugins in the admin by now, but the “Add Plugins” screen is an important part of the new user experience. WordPress developers Joey Kudish and Nick Hamze have released a plugin that brings better recommendations to the admin. Hamze […]

How to Manage and Add Features to Your BuddyPress-Powered Staff Intranet

WPMU DEV Blog: Recently, I showed you how to create a staff intranet using the BuddyPress social networking plugin. The tutorial walked you through setting everything up, but your intranet won’t be a truly useful tool unless you populate it and manage it. So that’s what we’re going to cover today. In this post, I’ll follow on from […]

How to Add Hreflang Tags in WordPress

WPBeginner: Do you want to add hreflang tags in your WordPress posts and pages? If you publish content in multiple languages or for different regions, then hreflang tag helps you improve SEO for those regions and languages. In this article, we will show you how to easily add hreflang tags in WordPress without writing a single […]

A Quick (and Inspiring) Guide to Adding Parallax to Your WordPress Site

WPMU DEV Blog: Parallax scrolling is something we commonly see in modern web design. Why? Because it gives the illusion of movement and depth, which, when paired with an otherwise static and long scrolling site adds intrigue and excitement—perfect for when you want to grab your visitor’s attention. For those of you thinking, “What about all the other […]

12 Steps That Will Take Your WordPress Skills from Good to Rockstar

WPMU DEV Blog: How many of you took WPMU DEV’s Implementer vs. Developer quiz last year? If you haven’t done so already, I’d suggest you go right on and test your skills with these 20 questions. If you have time, I’d also encourage you to keep reading as there’s valuable information there on the distinction between a WordPress […]

Embed Mastodon Statuses in WordPress

WordPress Tavern: After the controversial changes to Twitter’s @reply feature, which no longer counts usernames towards the 140-character limit, Mastodon registrations rose sharply. Mastodon is a free, open source, decentralized network that has many similarities to Twitter. The software, named in honor of its creator’s favorite metal band, was launched in October and registered 24,000 users in […]

Headway Themes Appears to be Dying a Slow Death

WordPress Tavern: It’s been seven months since Grant and Clay Griffiths, founders of Headway Themes, apologized to customers for failing to communicate on a regular basis and provide adequate customer support. In the apology, the founders admit that the company was experiencing financial difficulties and noted that competition in the WordPress drag-and-drop page-builder space was tough. The […]

Smush Wins Torque’s 2017 Plugin Madness Competition!

WPMU DEV Blog: Our Smush image compression and optimization plugin has been named Torque’s 2017 Plugin Madness champion! Smush took on WordFence in the final championship round of the annual competition, knocking out the security plugin after winning 69% of the votes. Torque Managing Editor Marie Dodson had a chat with our CEO James Farmer about the competition and […]

HeroPress Partners With WPShout to Offer WordPress Education Scholarships

WordPress Tavern: HeroPress has teamed up with Alex Denning, Fred Meyer, and David Hayes of WPShout to offer 10 copies of Up and Running Second Edition at the deluxe tier. The deluxe tier is valued at $249 and includes everything the course has to offer including video tutorials, creating a theme and child theme, screencast series, creating […]

Checathlon: A Free WordPress Business Theme with Support for Easy Digital Downloads

WordPress Tavern: Checathlon is new business theme on WordPress.org that was designed to seamlessly integrate with Easy Digital Downloads. The name is a combination of the words checkout and decathlon, according to its creator Sami Keijonen. Checathlon combines elegant typography with a bold, pink accent color to showcase products and services on a business or e-commerce website. […]

A Quick and Comprehensive Guide to Promoting Your Business with Facebook Ads

WPMU DEV Blog: You have to learn how to stand out from the crowd if you want your target market to notice you. Whether your business is a bricks and mortar store, a blog or a large multinational enterprise, understanding how to use all the available marketing channels can mean the difference between success and failure. Google has […]

24 Best One Page WordPress Themes (2017)

WPBeginner: Are you looking for the best one page WordPress themes for your website? Many business websites are using one page themes to create an interactive user experience. In this article, we will show you some of the best one page WordPress themes that you can use on your website. Building a One Page Website with […]

Using Social Media Marketing the Most Effective Way for Better Ecommerce Conversion

WP Mayor: How you will plan it further depends on the product type, target people, demographics and the habit of people in the area. Not all social platforms are used in all parts of the world. On one hand, the Western world is quite engaged with Snapchat and Instagram while being active on other platforms as well.

Review SEOBreeze: A WordPress SEO Plugin Destined to Get You Better Search Results

WPLift: Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever these days thanks in large part to the increasing competition in the online world. In order to stand out amongst those in your industry vying for the same following you are after, you must do everything you can to make your website the best. This includes […]

WordPress Plugin Directory Restores Tabbed Interface

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Jeffrey Betts Last month the WordPress Plugin Directory relaunched with a new design and improvements to the search algorithm. The new design replaced the plugin pages’ previous tabbed interface with a wall of text, truncated by numerous “read more” links. The outpouring of negative community feedback on the new design overshadowed many of […]

WordPress 4.7.4 Fixes 47 Issues

WordPress Tavern: WordPress 4.7.4 is available and is a maintenance release that fixes 47 issues reported against 4.7. This update includes a visual editor compatibility fix for an upcoming version of Chrome....

10 Reasons Why Your Domains and WordPress Should Be Kept Separate

WPMU DEV Blog: There are several popular providers that offer both domains and hosting for WordPress. For over a decade, the standard advice has suggested you should forgo convenience and keep your domains and hosting separate. It makes sense to house your site in the same place where you got your domain, especially since many providers offer seamless […]

How to Fix Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress

WPBeginner: Do you want to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress? If you test your website on Google PageSpeed insights, then you will likely see a suggestion to eliminate render-blocking scrips and CSS. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix render blocking JavaScript and CSS in WordPress to improve your Google […]

10 Bestselling ThemeForest Themes in 2017

WP Mayor: Presently, WordPress is the most popular CMS worldwide. Being originally designed as a CMS for bloggers, it has quickly overgrown these limits. Due to the great demand, its functionality was enriched with lots of plugins and features, which made it the most powerful platforms for manifold projects. Today lots of corporate websites, online portfolios, blogs, […]

WordCamp Europe 2017 Announces Speakers, Opens Registration for Contributor Day

WordPress Tavern: WordCamp Europe 2017 has been rolling out speaker announcements over the past week, slowly building what appears to be a strong lineup of both European and international WordPress experts. Speaker names are being released in thematic groups, the first dedicated to development topics, followed by business and content/marketing groups. Registration for Contributor Day, which will […]

BuddyPress 2016 Survey Results Show 54% of Respondents are on PHP 7.0+

WordPress Tavern: The results of the BuddyPress 2016 survey have been published. This year the survey received feedback from 302 respondents in 61 different countries, a 43% increase in responses from 2015. The top five countries represented in the survey include the United States (27.15%), India (7.62%), United Kingdom (6....

Does My Business Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

WPLift: You already know the importance of having a WordPress site that loads incredibly fast and doesn’t crash when one of your posts goes viral. Plus, you want a site that has a high level of security and can easily scale. Your host will either support these goals or detract from them. If you’ve been thinking […]

New WordPress Plugin Shows Users Where a Plugin’s Settings Link Is Upon Activation

WordPress Tavern: A common frustration I’ve experienced in WordPress after installing a plugin is figuring out where the settings link is located. It can be a top-level menu item or tucked away in a sub-menu. Sometimes, the plugin doesn’t warrant a settings link. A new plugin called Show Plugin Menu Items on Activation created by Kellen Mace and Gary Kovar seeks […]

10 Top Tools for Setting Up a Testing/Staging Environment for WordPress

WPMU DEV Blog: In recent posts, I’ve written about creating a staging site on cheap hosting and shown you how to keep that staging site synced with your live site. But what if you want to investigate all the possible approaches to creating a suitable testing and/or staging environment? Creating a duplicate site on your cheap hosting account is […]

How to Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress

WPBeginner: Do you want to add an author’s photo in WordPress? By default, most WordPress themes display an author’s gravatar image as their profile photo. But what if you wanted to replace the gravatar image with an actual author photo? In this article, we will show you how to easily add an author’s photo in WordPress. […]

Quick Guide: How to Embed Google Slides Presentations in WordPress

WPLift: If you’re any kind of online professional, Google Docs is a lifesaver. Easy collaboration, cloud storage...Google makes you happy to hand your life over to them! But up until now, most of our Google-focused posts have been focused on Google Docs and showing you skills like how to import Google Docs to WordPress with Jetpack […]

Open Collective is a New, Transparent Way to Fund Open Source Projects

WordPress Tavern: Open Collective is a new service that aims to make it easy for individuals, groups, and organizations to raise money in a transparent way. Although many projects have communities ready to offer financial support, the paperwork, taxes, and accounting involved in collecting money under the proper legal entity can be a nearly insurmountable hurdle. “So […]

Automattic to Close San Francisco Office

WordPress Tavern: Automattic’s US office is located at 140 Hawthorne, San Francisco, CA. Since 2013, it has served as a coworking space, hosted the WordCamp San Francisco 2014 after party, and has been used as a venue for local meetups. On episode 101 of the Stack Overflow podcast, Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, announced that the company will be closing its San […]

PremiumCoding Review: A Look at a Rising WordPress Theme Developer

WPLift: PremiumCoding is a team of theme developers who offer their own theme club filled with over two dozen WordPress themes in a variety of different categories. They offer a mixture of free and premium themes as well as a variety of different ways to pay for premium themes. We’re going to take a look at […]

Improve Your WordPress Site’s Credibility with These 10 Trust Marks

WPMU DEV Blog: When I think about some of my favorite experiences with companies, there’s one common thread that ties them all together: trust. Without trust, I don’t know that I could ever relax enough to allow an online company to provide me with a product or service. Maybe that’s just me, though I think a lot of […]

28 Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners

WPBeginner: WPBeginner has been helping WordPress beginners since 2009. Over these years, we have received tens of thousands of questions. We have noticed that some questions are asked more frequently by users. In this article, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions by WordPress beginners. Since this is a lengthy article, we have […]

A2 Optimized – All You Need for Speed & Security

WP Mayor: As a WordPress user, there are two particular things you should pay close attention to; speed and security. If you’re not concerned with these, you should be. They could end up being extremely costly not just down the road, but right now.

Automattic to Host a Free, Remote Conference on Design and Exclusion on April 21

WordPress Tavern: Automattic is hosting a free, remote conference called Design and Exclusion on April 21. The event will bring together design and technology experts who will discuss solutions for the ways that digital products and services exclude people. Lead organizer Ashleigh Axios, Design Exponent at Automattic, said inspiration for the event came from the exclusion that […]

How to Create a Beautiful Coming Soon Page in WordPress

WordPress – Make Tech Easier: Many websites use a coming soon page to create some momentum before launching the site. If you are about to launch a site but are not ready yet, here is how you can create a beautiful “Coming Soon” page in WordPress. First, you should know there are dozens of “Coming Soon” and “Maintenance Mode” plugins, […]

Inuagural CabinPress Takes Place November 3-5, at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, FL

WordPress Tavern: If spending time in the woods in Oklahoma to disconnect from technology is not your thing, perhaps staying at a cabin in Florida is. CabinPress, organized by David Laietta, takes place November 3-5, at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, FL. The location is about an hour’s drive from Orlando, FL and is 4,500 acres large […]

Creating an SSL Deployment Strategy for Your WordPress Website

WPMU DEV Blog: Since January 2017, Google has stepped up its enforcement of “HTTPS everywhere” by identifying websites that don’t have an SSL certificate as unsafe. To make matters worse, the search giant has also changed its algorithm to give a slightly higher page rank to websites that have an SSL certificate installed. If you haven’t yet made the transfer on […]

How to Properly Update WordPress Plugins (Step by Step)

WPBeginner: After you start your blog and install plugins, its extremely important for security reasons that you keep the plugins updated. In this step by step guide, we will show you how to properly update WordPress plugins, and how to manage plugin updates more efficiently. Why Update WordPress Plugins? WordPress plugins are like apps for your […]