WordPress 4.9.1 Released, Fixes Page Template Bug

WordPress Tavern: WordPress 4.9.1 is available for download and is a maintenance and security release. This release addresses four security issues in WordPress 4.9 and below that could potentially be used as part of a multi-vector attack….

Distributor Plugin Now in Beta: A New WordPress Content Syndication Solution from 10up

WordPress Tavern: 10up published a preview of its Distributor plugin today, a new solution for syndicating content across WordPress multisite networks and the web. The plugin, which the company plans to release for free, is currently in final closed beta. It enables content managers to either “push” or “pull” content to/from sites where they have permission to […]

Four Things I’d Like to See in This Year’s State of the Word

WordPress Tavern: This weekend, WordPressers from far and wide will descend upon Nashville, TN, for WordCamp US. One of the highlights of the event is Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word. Last year, Mullenweg shared a variety of statistics, made a few announcements, and plotted a new course for WordPress development. As the event draws near, here […]

Introducing Maintaingo – An Agency-Powered WordPress Maintenance and Support Service

Learn WordPress with WPLift: WordPress maintenance is boring. I mean, is there anything exciting about running a backup or preventing a future malware attack? But WordPress maintenance is also essential. Because as unsexy as backups, security, and their ilk are, they’re necessary to keep your WordPress site safe, secure, and running smoothly. So if you don’t like having to […]

Evolution of WordPress User Interface (2003 – 2017)

WPBeginner: WordPress user interface has evolved steadily since its first release in 2003. WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform and has now matured into a full-fledged CMS platform. In this article, we will take you to back in time to show the different stages in the evolution of WordPress user interface since 2003 until […]

14-Point Checklist: Creating a Website Portfolio That Gets You Clients

WPMU DEV Blog: As our reliance on mobile and smart devices grows year after year, there’s going to be a greater need for coding experts to create more digital applications for us. In fact, estimates say that the number of web developers will grow by 13% between now and 2026. What will do with all that extra competition […]

SlideModel.com: Your Catch for Great PowerPoint Presentations

WP Mayor: When it comes to creating ravishing PowerPoint presentations, SlideModel.com is available at your disposal. SlideModel features a huge collection of of professionally designed presentation templates, for PowerPoint and Google Slides. The templates provided by SlideModel are exuberant as well as visually appealing. Backed by a team of presentation designers, SlideModel’s templates can help not only […]

WordCamp Albuquerque Gears Up for 5th Edition in January 2018

WordPress Tavern: WordCamp Albuquerque is gearing up for its 5th edition January 19-21, 2018, following events held in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2016. An all-new organizing team is ready to invigorate the Southwestern WordPress community with an exciting array of world-class speakers and educational opportunities for both new and experienced users. Lead organizer Alonso Indacochea said the […]

Practicing the Pac-Man Rule at WordCamp US

WordPress Tavern: With more than 2,000 attendees expected, WordCamp US is one of the largest conferences devoted to WordPress. It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of new faces and catch up with familiar ones. If you’re standing in the hallway at WordCamp US speaking with a group of people and want to encourage others to […]

Gutenberg Team Is Ramping Up Usability Testing at WordCamp US

WordPress Tavern: The Gutenberg Team will have a usability testing station set up at WordCamp US where attendees can participate in a round of pre-set tests that focus on the writing flow. Testers will answer a short survey that includes their prior WordPress experience level, age, and device used. Volunteers will get participants set up with a […]

How to Prevent Authors From Deleting Posts in WordPress

WPBeginner: By default, users with the author user role can delete their own posts, even when these posts are already published. If you run a multi-author blog, then you may want to stop authors from deleting their own posts specially once it’s published. In this article, we will show you how to easily prevent authors from […]

How to Completely Customize the WordPress Admin Interface

WPMU DEV Blog: If you run a Multisite Network or any WordPress site that allows users to login and view the dashboard screens, you may be a bit frustrated with the WordPress admin screens. When your users log in, they’ll see a set of dashboard widgets which might confuse them, they could have access to screens you don’t want them […]

Booster for WooCommerce Review: Jetpack For Your WooCommerce Store

Learn WordPress with WPLift: Ever wished that there were something like Jetpack for your WooCommerce store? Something where you could just install one plugin and then pick and choose between a ton of helpful modules rather than trying to hunt down 20 different plugins? I think you see where this is going… Booster for WooCommerce is that Jetpack for […]

Delete Me WordPress Plugin Assists Website Owners in Granting the GDPR Right to be Forgotten

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: pj_vanf to err is human – (license) With the EU GDPR compliance deadline just 178 days away, many WordPress site owners are looking for tools that will help them meet the requirements. The regulation expands existing rights of data subjects in several key ways, including (but not limited to) the right to be […]

WP Mayor is 7 Years Old!

WP Mayor: WP Mayor is 7 years old! The site was created in November 2010 as a way of sharing our WordPress knowledge. Thanks to all the people who have followed this website for the past 7 years, and of course all our clients and partners without whom coming so far would simply not have been possible.

16 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site Right Now

WPMU DEV Blog: Do you remember the last time you went to Disney World or some other amusement park, local event, or festival? You’re excited to go, thinking about all the different food you plan on eating and rides you want to go on… but then you get there and the line just to get into the place […]

How to Turn Off PHP Errors in WordPress

WPBeginner: Recently one of our readers asked how to turn off PHP errors in WordPress? PHP warnings and notices help developers debug issues with their code. However it looks extremely unprofessional when they are visible to all your website visitors. In this article, we will show you how to easily turn off PHP errors in WordPress. […]

How to Set Up SSL on Your WordPress Website for Free

WordPress – Make Tech Easier: It’d be hard to overstate the importance of security when hosting a public-facing website. Every site on the Web is under the constant threat of attack. So, what can you do? One way to help protect your site and the people visiting it is through the use of SSL certificates. SSL certificates allow all traffic […]

SUMO WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Discounts

WP Mayor: SUMO WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Discounts is one of the Best WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugins which is developed by Fantastic Plugins. Offer Discounts to your customers in multiple ways such as Get 20% off on purchase of 10 or more quantities, Buy 1 Get 1 for free, 50% of on all products until midnight etc.

Comprehensive WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin – SUMO Affiliates

WP Mayor: SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin  allows members(logged in users) to register as Affiliates and promote the products sold on your WooCommerce Shop. Whenever a user purchases a product by using an Affiliate Link, then the Affiliate associated with the link will earn commission for the purchase.

What to Do About Premium Plugin Licenses When You Unboard a Client

WPMU DEV Blog: The support team at WPMU DEV recently received a question from a developer wondering how to properly unboard a client from their service. For simple web development jobs, this probably isn’t too big of a deal. You hand over all content and images, provide them with full access to WordPress, train them on it, and […]

7 PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers to Collect Payments in WordPress

WPBeginner: Are you looking for PayPal alternatives for freelancers to collect payments in WordPress? PayPal is one of the easiest platforms to collect payments on your website. However, it is not available in all countries and not all of your clients may want to use it. In this article, we will share some of the best […]

At last! An Easy Way of Creating Websites for Small Businesses

WP Mayor: Small businesses can be fertile grounds for website assignments. This can involve helping clients to go online or improve what’s already in place. Landing even a single job isn’t always easy if you’re a freelancer, because of the competition. Winning multiple jobs requires even more work. plus, you’re occasionally faced with juggling several jobs at […]

How To Install A WordPress Theme – 4 Methods For All Needs

Learn WordPress with WPLift: Struggling with how to install a WordPress theme? Themes are the building block of every single WordPress site, so if you can’t install your WordPress theme of choice, you’re gonna end up stuck on the runway! Don’t worry, though. Over the years, WordPress has evolved to the point where it’s actually pretty dang simple to […]

Workarounds for the Page Template Bug in WordPress 4.9

WordPress Tavern: WordPress 4.9 “Tipton” was released last week and although it’s largely trouble-free, there is one particular issue users and developers are running into that’s causing frustration. In 4.9, custom page templates that are created fail to display in the Template drop-down menu. The issue is related to changes made to the file editor….

Tide Project Aims to Audit and Score WordPress Themes and Plugins based on Code Quality

WordPress Tavern: Last week XWP dropped an intriguing preview of a new project called Tide that aims to improve code quality across the WordPress plugin and theme ecosystems. The company has been working with the support of Google, Automattic, and WP Engine, on creating a new service that will help users make better plugin decisions and assist […]

Complete Guide to Building a Successful WooCommerce Wholesale Store

Learn WordPress with WPLift: WooCommerce is an industry-leading e-commerce solution, powering over 42% market of all online stores. The platform is loved for its versatility, and flexibility, and use by online stores or literally all shapes and sizes. WooCommerce’s flexibility makes it a great choice for building a successful wholesale store online, for buying and selling to the trade. […]

How to Manage Your WordPress Site and Content When You’re Locked Out

WPMU DEV Blog: Getting hacked has become synonymous with starting fresh, losing your content and access to your website. Thing is, you can have it all and a bag of chips. Computer chips. Okay, maybe not a bag of computer chips, but you don’t have to scrap your entire site you worked so hard on after it’s been […]

How to Style WordPress Navigation Menus

WPBeginner: Do you want to style your WordPress navigation menus to change their colors or appearance? While your WordPress theme handles the appearance of your navigation menus, you can easily customize it using CSS to meet your requirements. In this article, we will show you how to style the WordPress navigation menus on your site. We […]

WooCommerce Discounts & Promotions: 6 Tactics To Crush The Holidays

WP Mayor: Want to set up attractive WooCommerce discounts and promotions during the holiday season? Well… You know that your sales and average order value can shoot through the roof during this season. But coming up with attractive promotional ideas is one piece of the puzzle. Setting them up in your WooCommerce store without wrangling with coding is […]

Envato Elements Adds Unlimited WordPress Theme and Plugin Downloads to Subscription Plan

WordPress Tavern: Envato has added unlimited WordPress theme and plugin downloads to its Elements digital assets subscription service. The company is including a curated collection of 210 WordPress themes and 100 plugins along with 400,000 other design assets already offered through the service. Envato is the largest WordPress theme marketplace on the web with 39,102 themes and […]

10+ Best Beaver Builder Add-ons For Even More Functionality

Learn WordPress with WPLift: With its 400,000+ active installs, Beaver Builder is one of the most popular WordPress page builders that you’ll find. It also has a huge developer community, which has led to the creation of a similarly huge number of Beaver Builder add-ons. We already covered the equally vibrant Elementor add-ons community, so now it’s time to […]

Ultimate Guide to the 60 Best Security Resources for WordPress

WPMU DEV Blog: WordPress security. Oh boy, you just can’t get enough, can you? Luckily, today isn’t about teaching you something new about WordPress security. We already know what the platform’s weaknesses are and how to protect our sites from outside threats. Nope, today’s guide is going to delve into the 60 best security resources for WordPress….

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2017 WordPress Deals – Big Savings

WPBeginner: Are you looking for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on your favorite WordPress products. These next few days are the perfect time to buy premium WordPress plugins, themes, hosting, and other web tools to grow your business. To help you find the best deals, we have listed the best WordPress Black Friday […]

Tailor Page Builder Plugin Discontinued, Owners Cite Funding, Gutenberg, and Competition

WordPress Tavern: Enclavely, Inc., the owners of the Tailor Page Builder plugin, have announced that they will be discontinuing its development effective immediately. Andrew Worsfold, the original developer, launched Tailor in April 2016 and the plugin received an enthusiastic reception from the WordPress community. After performing a critical review of the major page builders available to users […]

How to Set Up a Support Forum with the Support System Plugin

WPMU DEV Blog: If you provide websites to clients or users, then you’ll need some way of letting your clients communicate with you to ask questions or raise problems. You might be doing this already via your site’s admin screens – but what about creating a support forum in the front-end of your site? At WMPU DEV we […]

How to Import / Export WordPress Theme Customizer Settings

WPBeginner: Do you want to import or export theme customizer settings in WordPress? Exporting and importing theme customizer settings allow you to use the same configuration on another WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to easily import / export WordPress theme customizer settings. Why Import / Export WordPress Theme Customizer Settings? Many […]

How to Plan Product Availability with Scheduler for WooCommerce?

WP Mayor: There are two ways to go about setting up a product availability schedule; one is the manual approach, where you schedule every sale individually, the second is the automated approach where you simply set up one flexible schedule for all your products in bulk. Read on to know how!