5 Best Plugins for Improving WordPress Comments Reviewed and Compared

WPMU DEV Blog: A bustling comments section on your blog posts can help bring people together around your product and create a sense of community, bringing your website to life. And, of course, give blog authors warm fuzzies since people are actually reading their posts! But if you’ve ever used WordPress’s built-in commenting system, you know there’s a […]

How to Add Signature or Ads after Post Content in WordPress

WPBeginner: Do you want to add a signature or advertisement after your blog post content in WordPress? By default, WordPress does not come with an easy way to display signature or ads after post content. In this article, we will show you how to easily add signature ads after post content in WordPress. Method 1: Display […]

Fast – Secure – Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Mayor: Few people enjoy the hassle or have the required expertise to set up, monitor and maintain a WordPress site. Most of us value the reliability of the provider and just focus on the content of our websites. For all of us untroubled managed hosting is way to go. MagicPress.net is a platform offering fast, secure and […]

39 Best Free WordPress Themes Worth Checking Out in 2017

WPMU DEV Blog: Finding the perfect WordPress theme at WordPress.org can be a real challenge. There are thousands of options to choose from, and sifting through that avalanche of choices to find the hidden gems is easier said than done. Unfortunately, not every WordPress theme at WordPress.org is created equal....

35 WordPress Animation Themes to Bring Your Site to Life

WP Mayor: Choosing your website’s theme can single handedly seal the fate of your website without you even knowing it. I mean, you have to leave an exceptional first impression on every site visitor that comes your way and what better way to do that then with a creative, unique, and standout WordPress theme? Today I am […]

Open Source Leadership Summit to Live Stream Keynote Sessions February 14-16

WordPress Tavern: The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Leadership Summit is happening in Lake Tahoe, CA, February 14-16, 2017. The invitation-only event brings together open source technology leaders to collaborate across different projects and share best practices. The organizers will be live streaming all of the keynote sessions for free throughout the three-day event for a total of […]

Why Plugins Sometimes Disappear From the WordPress Plugin Directory

WordPress Tavern: Nearly 50K publicly available plugins call the WordPress plugin directory home but once in awhile a few of them seem to disappear. There is usually a good reason for why this happens but the only information available to the public is a page that says the plugin cannot be found. If the plugin is popular […]

WordPress REST API Vulnerability Exploits Continue

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Code & Martini by Ivana Vasilj – cc license It has been nearly two weeks since the WordPress security team disclosed an unauthenticated privilege escalation vulnerability in a REST API endpoint in 4.7 and 4.7.1. The vulnerability was patched silently and disclosure was delayed for a week to give WordPress site owners a […]

How to Run A/B Tests on WordPress to Improve Your Website

WPLift: How do you make changes to your WordPress site? Do you “think” of a way to improve your site, make a major change, and call it a day? If so, you’re probably doing it all wrong. Making changes to your website without testing them is dangerous business. You’ll never know for sure whether your change […]

Top 10 WordPress Podcasts You Should Tune Into Right Now

WPMU DEV Blog: With 21% of U.S. adults now listening to podcasts at least once a month, podcasts have become a popular way for people to stay up-to-date on their favorite topics. Think of podcasts like the audiobook version of articles. You get all the same information you would by reading the original source, except that it’s delivered […]

10 Amazing WordPress Plugins for 2017 You Haven’t Heard Of

WP Mayor: Oh no, not another top ten plugins article! Before you remove WPMayor from your bookmarks, let me state the following – this is not another one of those articles. Instead of writing a regular top ten piece, I decided to focus on plugins that you probably don't know about. Despite being relatively unknown, each of […]

10up Unveils ElasticPress.io: Elasticsearch as a Service for WordPress Sites

WordPress Tavern: 10up launched ElasticPress.io this week, its new Elasticsearch SaaS product with plans starting at $299/month. Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed search engine that speeds up searching by using JSON documents to store data in indices. The indices store mapping fields to the corresponding documents and the engine searches the index instead of a site’s […]

How to Fix the “Warning: File_Get_Contents” Error in WordPress

WPMU DEV Blog: There’s a WordPress error that’s frustrating to no end because if you’ve come across it, you probably didn’t actually do anything wrong. Still, plastered across your site will be these words: Warning: file_get_contents(path/to/wordpress/file): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /path/to/another/wordpress/file.php on line # The error message itself is almost misleading because […]

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2017

WP Mayor: We’re about to throw a farewell for 2016 and proceed to 2017. This year has been pretty exciting for WordPress community as we’ve seen major plugin releases, theme additions, updates, and wordpress.org has started to test out its new plugin directory, which looks really cool. A couple of days ago we’ve witnessed one of the […]

Creative Commons’ New Search Tool is Now in Beta, Pulls CC Images from Multiple Sources

WordPress Tavern: If you’ve been wearing out Unsplash images on your blog, it’s time to take another look at Creative Commons. The site has just launched the beta of its new multi-source search interface. Unlike the current search tool, which will only search one source by sending the visitor offsite, CC Search loads the results from multiple […]

WordCamp Miami 2017 to Host JavaScript Track, AMA Spots, and 2-Day Kids’ Camp

WordPress Tavern: WordCamp Miami is sporting an 80’s theme this year for its 9th year running. The team of 12 organizers is expecting more than 800 attendees and will host 60+ local and global speakers, including new speakers from India, Australia, Poland, Canada, and other international locations. As in previous years, WordCamp Miami is a multi-day smorgasbord […]

Gravity Forms vs. WPForms vs. Caldera Forms: Which is Best?

WPLift: You may not give them credit, but forms are an essential part of your WordPress site. They let people contact you, help you build your email list, allow visitors to register, and just generally power your WordPress site in any number of unsexy ways. The post Gravity Forms vs. WPForms vs. Caldera Forms: Which is […]

A Straightforward Guide to the WordPress Template Hierarchy

WPMU DEV Blog: If you’re building your own themes for WordPress, or using a child theme to customize a third party theme, at some point you’ll come across the template hierarchy. It’s a brilliant system that dictates how WordPress chooses which template file to use for different types of content. It takes into account content types (e.g. posts, […]

14 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins with Drag-and-Drop Interfaces

WP Mayor: WordPress page builder plugins make it possible for anyone to design and build their very own websites, regardless of their skill level in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. More and more theme developers are adding a boatload of options in the live theme customizer of their themes, but nothing compares to the feeling of having […]

Bookly Review: Launch a Booking Website with Google Calendar and WooCommerce Support

WPLift: If you're me, you book campsites online, right before summer rolls around. Others scurry to get their concert tickets on Ticketmaster, while a large number of families check prices on AirBnB and Kayak, all to make sure they get the good deals for that upcoming family vacation. The post Bookly Review: Launch a Booking Website […]

What is Multisite? A Guide to Options for Creating an Effective WordPress Network

WPMU DEV Blog: I’ve written a lot about Multisite for this blog and received lots of feedback from people who are just as keen on Multisite as I am. But you guys have plenty of questions, too! Some of the most frequent are about what Multisite has to offer – what can you do with it and how? […]

Get Free Expert Advice From WordPress Influencers

WP Mayor: Best way to learn is to ask, and who better to ask than those who have experience. Get business advice from WordPress entrepreneurs, hear how they cope with hiring, acquisition and work life balance. Find out what they like to do in their spare time, what inspired them, and how they think the WordPress community […]

Hustle 2.0: Sexier, Smarter & Now With Custom Pop-Ups & Slide-Ins!

WPMU DEV Blog: We told you that 2017 was going to be a massive year for WPMU DEV members right? Well, here’s the plan… we’re aiming to give you a brand new major release, new product announcement, new course or new service every single week, starting today with Hustle 2.0, which really takes our market leading email opt-in […]

How to Migrate a WordPress Multisite Subsite to a Single Site

WP Mayor: WordPress Multisite is an efficient way of connecting multiple websites and managing them from one central location. In fact, integrating several websites into one WordPress install offers website owners many benefits. But what would you do if a single website outgrew your multisite network? Today we are going to take a potentially difficult scenario – […]

Custom Plugin – When to use functions.php and when should you use a Plugin?

WPLift: Are you a functions.php hoarder? If your first inclination when adding custom code snippets to your WordPress site is to stick them in functions.php, you may be afflicted with this terrible disease and not even know it. The post Custom Plugin – When to use functions....

The Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants – Menus, Reservations + More

WPLift: If you’re running a restaurant, you need a website, right? Think about it - how often do you go online to look up menus, make reservations, or check opening times for restaurants? I know that I do it pretty much every time I eat out! The post The Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants – Menus, […]

How to Give Your WordPress Site a Font and Typography Facelift

WPMU DEV Blog: As we think about all the ways we can change ourselves for the better this year, why not throw a little of that energy into making our websites better, too? I don’t know about you, but I think a little facelift couldn’t hurt… especially if you’re in the mood to shake things up a bit. […]

15 Best SEO Practices for Your WordPress Website

WP Mayor: All webmasters are aware that it is top quality, authoritative content on web pages that can get them high up on a search engine results page (SERP). This does not mean that you should be satisfied with creating and publishing the right content on your website. There's a great deal more you can do to make it […]

25+ Best Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Photographers

WP Mayor: Free WordPress themes have come a long way, and free WordPress portfolio themes are no different. They come with more than enough features photographers need to build a well-optimized portfolio site designed to attract and acquire new leads and clients. They come with portfolio post types, fully-featured landing pages, galleries and more.