Giveaway: Get 1 of 2 Golden Ticket Licenses from WP Ultimo

WP Mayor: Today we partnered up with WP Ultimo to give you a chance to win 1 of 2 Golden Ticket Licenses. A golden ticket license allows you to use WP Ultimo in as many networks installs as you wish ($159), and gives you access to ALL of the add-ons (already released or to be released in […]

The Ultimate Guide to Accessibility and WordPress

WPMU DEV Blog: So you want to make an accessible WordPress website? Congratulations – your site will be available to the widest possible audience! Not sure why accessibility is valuable? Accessible sites have benefits including faster load speed, better SEO and being good for PR. Plus making an accessible site is just the right thing to do....

An Encyclopedia of Essential Widgets for WordPress

WPMU DEV Blog: While many WordPress developers rely on the convenient and customizable functionality of widgets, they are often a second thought to plugins. In fact, some beginners probably couldn’t even tell you the difference between the two! To give a brief primer, some widgets come standard with a WordPress install, many are included through the use of […]

Yoast Office Hosts “Bring Your Parents to Work Day”

WordPress Tavern: If you’ve ever heard your parents say something like,”My son works for the internet,” or “My daughter owns some kind of computer company,” then you know the struggle. Many parents have a difficult time understanding the professions of their grown children, especially when they are in the tech industry. This can also be compounded by […]

Free React Fundamentals Course Updated for React v15.5

WordPress Tavern: If you’re looking for ways to expand your ReactJS knowledge, the free React Fundamentals course from has been updated for the latest React v15.5 release. The 48-lesson course takes approximately 287 minutes to complete. It was designed for a wide range of professionals, including backend engineers new to JavaScript, Bootcamp graduates and front-end developers […]

No Budget? No Excuse. A Practical Guide to Bootstrapping a WordPress Business

WPMU DEV Blog: So you want to start a WordPress business. That’s exciting! If you have to work in a single platform all day long, I’d say WordPress is a great one to be “stuck” inside of. Aside from the benefits of working in an intuitive platform that comes chock-full of integrations that make your job easy, you’re […]

50+ of the Best Feminine, Cute & Girly WordPress Themes [Update 2017]

WPLift: This list contains all the best cute and feminine WordPress themes. It focuses heavily on blogging themes but also features a few WooCommerce and business themes. These themes are aimed at Mommy Bloggers, Fashion Blogs, Food Bloggers, Parent and Baby Bloggers and all female blogs. The post 50+ of the Best Feminine, Cute & Girly […]

39 Best Simple WordPress Themes You Should Try (2017)

WPBeginner: Are you looking for the most clean, simple and easy to use WordPress theme for your website? Many WordPress themes come with tons of options making it difficult to setup and use. In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best simple WordPress themes that you can install on your website. These themes are […]

Side by Side Comparison of Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO Pack WordPress Plugins

WP Mayor: By powering just under 30% of all the websites out there, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the World. So, what makes a single CMS so amazing that more than 300 million people rely on it? The answer is simple - simplicity. WordPress is famous for its user friendliness and ease of setup. The […]

GiveWP Review: A Free Donation Plugin With Good in Mind

WPLift: Churches from all over the world are known for collecting money for the needy. Non-profits focus on more niche categories like animal rights and targeting large corporations to keep bad ingredients out of our food. As long as you're not running a cult I'd argue that collecting money for any cause is noble. The post […]

Customizer Team Proposes Image Widget for WordPress 4.8

WordPress Tavern: WordPress contributors to the customizer have published a merge proposal for a new JavaScript and REST API-powered core image widget. The new widget interfaces with the WordPress media library to provide a simpler, more intuitive experience for adding images. No new widgets have been added to core since the Custom Menu widget was included in […]

Site Architecture and How it Can Boost Your WordPress Site’s SEO

WPMU DEV Blog: Over the past few weeks, I’ve written quite a bit about SEO here on the WPMU DEV Blog because what’s not to love about getting free website traffic from Google? Yet so many people get discouraged when it comes to SEO because they are under the impression that it is insanely hard to get right. […]

How to Add Beautiful Pricing Tables in WordPress (No Coding Required)

WPBeginner: Do you want to add beautiful pricing tables on your WordPress site? Pricing tables have a huge impact on how users make their buying decision. Adding beautiful pricing tables that are easy to scan helps users select the right product. Which in turn helps you boost your conversions and increase sales. In this article, we […]

Hacked Home Routers are Launching Brute Force Attacks on WordPress Sites

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Eduardo Mueses The Oracle – (license) Security researchers at Wordfence are reporting that thousands of hacked home routers are attacking WordPress sites. Wordfence firewall and malware scanner products are in use on more than 2 million WordPress sites and the company estimates that 6.7% of all attacks on these sites are coming from […]

Adding Super Cool Animations to Your WordPress Site

WPMU DEV Blog: Animations are cool. We’ve seen them at play in gamification, in page transitions, and also in the latest navigation design trend. The best part about animation? You don’t see them all too often in web design, which is sure to give your WordPress site an edge over the competition. I think part of the reason […]

Ultimate FAQ Offers Easy-To-Use, Customizable FAQs

WP Mayor: Ultimate FAQ provides an easy-to-use and highly customizable FAQ plugin for WordPress users. It offers multiple styles, drag-and-drop ordering, WooCommerce compatibility, live AJAX search, user question submission, and much more.

Advanced WordPress Facebook Group Moves to Curb Low Quality Content with Admin-Approved Posts

WordPress Tavern: The Advanced WordPress Facebook group (AWP) is making a radical change. After three years of allowing members to post freely, the group’s administrators voted to restrict posting to admin-approved content only. The popular WordPress watering hole has amassed more than 28,000 members and plays host to many lively conversations. Over the years some have suggested […]

Slider Revolution: An In-Depth Review on the World’s Most Popular Slider

WPLift: As of this article, Slider Revolution has over 174,000 sales on CodeCanyon. Pair that with 6,400 ratings for a 4.8 average star rating and you've got yourself the most successful WordPress slider ever. This popularity, and the fact that the Theme Punch folks partner with various WordPress theme companies (giving away Slider Revolution for free) […]

Congratulations to the WPMU DEV 2017 Survey Winners!

WPMU DEV Blog: Thank you to everyone who took part in our annual survey! We sent it out via email and you all responded in droves. So much so that our CEO James Farmer has spent all week poring through pages and pages of responses, making notes, laughing at some of the funnier responses, and thinking seriously about […]

How WordPress Plugins Affect Your Site’s Load Time

WPBeginner: Have you ever wondered how WordPress plugins affect your site’s load time? WordPress plugins allow you to add features to your site, but they can also affect your website speed. In this article, we will show you how WordPress plugins affect your site’s load time, and how you can control them more efficiently. How WordPress […]

19 Best WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugins for 2017

WP Mayor: WordPress is unquestionably the most dominant open-source content management system around, powered over a fifth of the entire world’s websites. Since WordPress is so widely used, it is only natural that there’s an inherent need for online content hosted on the platform to be available in different languages.

WordCamp for Publishers to be Held in Denver, August 17-19

WordPress Tavern: Coffee Cup on Table — Image by © Michael Prince/CORBIS The first ever WordCamp for Publishers will be held August 17-19 in Denver, Colorado. The niche WordCamp will be open to anyone who uses WordPress to manage a publication, no matter what size. Organizers submitted an application last November and received approval from WordCamp Central […]

WordPress Editor Experience Survey Shows 75% of Respondents Don’t Use Distraction-Free Writing Mode

WordPress Tavern: The WordPress Editor Experience survey results have been published with data from 2,563 participants, a significantly larger sampling than the 50 who responded to the recent customizer survey. Both the editor and the customizer are included in Matt Mullenweg’s three main focus areas for core development in 2017. The purpose of the surveys is to […]

New Twitter Bot Automatically Tweets Links to Trac Tickets Tagged as Good-First-Bugs

WordPress Tavern: In 2014, WordPress Trac received a facelift and one of the improvements was the “good-first-bug” tag. The goal of good-first-bug tickets is to get newcomers familiar with WordPress code, processes, and contributing patches. If you’d like to be notified of new tickets created on trac tagged good-first-bug on Twitter, check out the @GoodFirstBugs account created […]

Review: Two Ways to Create a Password Protected WooCommerce Store

WPLift: Do you need a way to hide and/or password protect your WooCommerce store? In this post, I’m going to review two different plugins from Barn2 Media. Each plugin gives you a way to hide your WooCommerce store behind a password login. The post Review: Two Ways to Create a Password Protected WooCommerce Store appeared first […]

How to Fix “Missing a Temporary Folder” Error in WordPress

WPBeginner: Are you seeing ‘Missing a temporary folder’ error on your WordPress site? This error makes it impossible to upload images, update themes and plugins, or update WordPress core. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix “Missing a temporary folder” error in WordPress. What Causes The ‘Missing a Temporary Folder’ Error in […]

How to Build a Staff Intranet with BuddyPress and WordPress

WPMU DEV Blog: BuddyPress continues to be one of the most popular free WordPress plugins. Its customizability and flexibility make it a great tool for creating your own social media platform. But it has another use as well, one that I’ve used with a number of clients, and that’s as the basis for an intranet, or an internal […]

Oxygen Provides Powerful Visual Customization for WordPress

WP Mayor: Oxygen for WordPress is a visual page builder with pixel-level control. For both beginners and power users, it allows for real-time customization of any site element using CSS properties, dozens of prebuilt components, and coding.

6 Clef Alternatives for WordPress For When Clef Shuts Down

WPLift: Need a Clef alternative? For a long time, Clef was one of the most popular WordPress two-factor authentication plugins. It had an innovative product, well over a million active installs, and was just all around one of the best two-factor solutions for WordPress. The post 6 Clef Alternatives for WordPress For When Clef Shuts Down […]

Where to Put Your Contact Form? What the Research Says

WPMU DEV Blog: You want leads. You need conversions. So you put a contact form on your website (or you build one from scratch). Here’s the million-dollar question though: how do you know if you’ve placed it in the right spot? I recently shared research I found that focused on optimal logo placement as well as CTA placement....

How to Download WordPress in Any Language

WPMU DEV Blog: The WordPress admin is fairly straightforward to use no matter where you live in the world since it has been translated into many different languages. The trickiest part is knowing where to grab a translated copy. While WordPress can be downloaded in US English by default, the download page doesn’t provide any obvious directions on how […]

Recommended Reading: Resilient Web Design, a Free e-Book from Jeremy Keith

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Sergey Zolkin UK-based web developer Jeremy Keith published Resilient Web Design as a free e-book in December 2016. Over the past few months, industry leaders have been raving about the book, so I decided to take an evening to find out what all the fuss is about. Keith has been blogging for more […]

9 Reasons Why You Should Have an Explainer Video on Your WordPress Site

WPMU DEV Blog: Let’s face it: no matter how intelligent or well-informed your audience is, there are some parts of your product or service they might not be able to comprehend just by reading through your site. And that’s might not be the fault of your content or even the deliverable itself. Think about the last time you tried […]

30+ Best WordPress Business Themes (2017)

WPBeginner: Are you looking for the best WordPress theme for your business? While there are many WordPress themes available, not all of them are suitable for business websites. In this article, we will share the best WordPress business themes of 2017. Building a Business Website with WordPress WordPress is the most powerful platform to build your […]

AMP for WordPress – A Free Webinar from WP Engine & Yoast SEO

WP Mayor: Ever heard of Google AMP? It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it's an open source project. A webinar is being organised on Wednesday April 12 that will teach you what you need to know about AMP and how to make it work with WordPress.

How Can Web Design Influence Your Search Results

WP Mayor: SEO is the process to increase search rankings of a website. The visibility of the web page highly impacts the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). So, it becomes essential to present well to leave great imprints on user’s mind. Though inbound linkings and definitive keywords play a vital role in SEO, web designing can’t be […]

New Userscript Restores Tabs to the WordPress Plugin Directory

WordPress Tavern: One of the most common complaints about the WordPress plugin directory’s redesign is the use of read more links instead of tabs. Plugin authors and users contend that tabs make information more accessible. The redesign requires visitors to scroll a one-page design and click on various read more links to discover more information. There is […]