QuadMenu Review: Create A WordPress Mega Menu The Easy Way

Looking for an easy way to create a mega menu at your WordPress site? Many themes don’t include mega menu functionality. And even for the themes that do, it’s often not especially flexible.QuadMenu is a freemium plugin that can help you add a flexible mega menu to any theme (developers – you can even use it to offer theme users mega menu functionality).So whether your theme is just plain missing this functionality or you feel limited by what your theme offers, keep reading my QuadMenu review for a look at how this plugin can help you create a WordPress mega menu for your site (or maybe your client’s sites).QuadMenu Review: What All The Plugin DoesYou know that QuadMenu helps you create a WordPress mega menu. Let’s get into how that functionality actually works…First off, all the mega menus that you create are responsive. So no matter which device your visitors are using, they’ll still have a good interaction with your menu. You can also customize the breakpoints and show/hide certain menu items depending on a visitor’s device.Beyond just changing the design, QuadMenu also includes touch screen events natively, which means your menus will have a good user experience on touch devices (beyond just looking nice).To actually build your mega menu,

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