Adding Information, Tips and Sales Information for Clients to the WordPress Dashboard

If you’re building websites for clients using WordPress, you’ll be keen to find a way to maintain your relationship with them and keep in touch.

After all, a client who’s already hired you to build their website is someone who’s very likely to hire you again in the future or recommend you to their contacts.

There are plenty of ways to do this. A quarterly review of their site is a good way to add value to the relationship and identify any future work you need them to do. If you don’t go that far, a quarterly or monthly email or phone call touching base and checking that all’s well with their site is good. You may have a newsletter, or if you invoice your clients for hosting regularly that’s another way of keeping in touch. I probably get half of my repeat business after sending out an invoice!

It’s also a good idea to have contact with your clients that’s aimed at helping them manage their site and get the most from it. You might offer training or coaching, or maybe online tips. You could include advice in your newsletter. Or you might include video tutorials in the WordPress admin screens,

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