WPvivid Review: A Free WordPress Backup and Migration Plugin

No matter what your WordPress site is about, you need to back it up so that, on the off chance something bad happens, you have a working copy that you can restore from.

If your host isn’t already doing that for you, that means you need your own WordPress backup plugin.
WPvivid is a free WordPress backup plugin that can help you safely and automatically back up your WordPress site to off-site locations on a schedule that you specify.
Beyond that, it can also help you migrate your site to a new domain, as well as restore any backups that you’ve taken.
In our WPvivid review, we’ll share more about the plugin’s features, as well as give you a hands-on look at how it works to back up and migrate a WordPress site.
WPvivid Review: A Look at the Feature List
At a high level, WPvivid is a WordPress backup, restore, and migration plugin.
Let’s dig into the backup and restore functionality first, and then I’ll discuss the migration features.
First off, you can back up your site manually or on an automatic schedule that you select (or both,  » Read More