WPMU DEV Dashboard Now With Built-in Analytics And Plugin White Labeling

The WPMU DEV dashboard plugin is currently used on a quarter of a million sites (Wowzas!). And why wouldn’t it? It unlocks better security and performance, backups, one-click installations, automated updates, reports and improved support access.
Some would say it’s the magic behind the magic 🙂
The WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin works behind the scenes and is hidden to your clients. So it really is like your brands secret sauce running in the background and – making WordPress work better.
Something Super Rad For Account Managers, Resellers, Freelancers and Agencies
We try not to change our Dashboard too often, because we want to keep it lightweight and it just works as is – system information, reports, a connected user experience and secure support access. Nice.
But we came up with a few surprises that we think you’re absolutely going to love… especially our agency users. White label Analytics and the all new WPMU DEV hero hider.
Not Your Mother’s Analytics
Or maybe it is (if your mother is a badass). Now you can activate basic tracking analytics with a single click. No setup. No third-party integrations. No extra plugin. Just turn it on and start tracking.

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