WP Media Folder: Amazon S3 WordPress Integration

As your WordPress site grows, so will your site’s media library. Files that were easy to find at the beginning can quickly get lost once you start having hundreds or thousands of files.
Basically, it’s tough to stay organized as your site has more and more files…
WP Media Folder is a plugin that can help you change that by adding a folder system to the regular WordPress media library, much like the folders you use to manage your computer’s files.
You’ll be able to create unlimited folders and subfolders and easily drag files between them – just like you do on your desktop.
Beyond that, you also get access to some other helpful features, like creating galleries from files in a folder, offloading files to Amazon S3 or other storage services, and plenty more.
In this WP Media Folder review, I’ll take you through the plugin’s features and then show you how it works on a live site.
WP Media Folder: The Feature List
At a basic level, WP Media Folder adds folders to your media library – just like those on your desktop.
You can access the folders from your full media library,  » Read More