WP Cerber Security Review: A WordPress Plugin to Keep Your Site Safe

A security breach at your WordPress site is a nightmare scenario – all your hard work, gone up in a puff of smoke (or, more likely, a puff of pharmacy SEO link spam or weird redirects).
In today’s WP Cerber Security review, I’m going to take a look at a freemium WordPress security plugin that aims to greatly decrease the chances that such a breach happens to you. This plugin is brought to you by Cerber Tech Inc.
I’ll tell you all about the features WP Cerber Security implements to keep you safe. Then, I’ll take you hands-on at my site and show you how everything works.
WP Cerber Security Review: How it Keeps Your Site Safe
Before I go hands-on and show you how WP Cerber Security works, let me take you through everything it’s doing to keep your site safe.
WP Cerber Security brands itself as “Security, Antispam & Malware Scan”, which is a pretty good summary of how it protects your site.
Let’s start with that first part – security. WP Cerber Security helps you implement a lot of the techniques you see in blog posts about WordPress security:

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