WordPress Translation Day 4 Successfully Hosts 77 Local Events in 35 Countries, Recruits 183 New Translators

WordPress Translation Day 4 was held over the weekend. The 24-hour global event hosted 77 local events in 35 countries and the Polyglots team added 183 new contributors to their ranks. The team also designated 12 new GTEs (Global Translation Editor) and 14 PTEs (Project Translation Editor).
Naoko Takano, a Polyglots Team Global Mentor and Japanese GTE, gave an introduction to the event from Tokyo for the livestream. In her presentation she shared some stats on the state of WordPress translation. WordPress is currently available in 201 locales with 614 GTEs, 3,086 PTEs, and 32,585 contributors. The majority of WordPress installs are in locales other than US English, representing an estimated 18% of the web.

Takano also highlighted the top locales installed:

Japanese: 5.9%
German: 5.5%
Spanish: 5.0%
French: 3.8%
English (UK): 3.7%

Locales with most translation contributors include Spanish (2,863), German (2,399), Italian (2,190), Dutch (1,584), and Russian (1,515). These stats show that WordPress still has tremendous opportunity for growth among top world languages with the most native speakers, such as Chinese dialects,  » Read More