WordPress Malware Removal: Your Options To Clean Your WordPress Site

So your WordPress site has malware…what do you do? Well, obviously you need some WordPress malware removal help!
This isn’t a “do it yourself manually” post. I will link to some great resources later on if that’s what you are into. But I’m more concerned with how a regular WordPress user can go about removing malware. So expect to find:

WordPress malware removal services
Plugins that can clean malware for you
Other non-technical solutions

Let’s dig in so that you can get your site working smoothly again!
See If Your Host Handles WordPress Malware Removal
Ok, it’s not necessarily your host’s responsibility to clean your site of malware. But some hosts, most specifically managed WordPress hosts, do actually offer something like a “hack fix” guarantee.
That’s because part of what you’re paying a premium for with managed WordPress hosting is security, so most managed WordPress hosts already implement lots of checks to keep your site safe. As a result of taking on that responsibility, they’ll also fix any issues that do slip through.
For example, Kinsta offers a Hack fix guarantee:

Similarly, Flywheel will also clean up your site if it gets hacked.

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