WordPress Foundation to Sponsor Open Source Educational Events

photo credit: 16th st – (license)
The WordPress Foundation is sponsoring a new series of workshops and training events that will introduce people to WordPress and related open source software. The program targets communities in Latin and South America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia.
“Specifically, we want to shine more light on the potential of open source software in countries where there is less participation in OSS projects,” WordPress Community Team leader Andrea Middleton said. “To help spread the word about the potential that open source has to offer, we’d like to provide financial support for two educational events this year, to be organized in parts of the world with less participation in open source.”
After the success of the WordCamp Incubator Program, which brought three new camps to Indonesia, Zimbabwe, and Colombia, there is some evidence that initiatives to bring WordPress to other parts of the world can have valuable returns....

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