WordPress Explores Proposal for New Block Directory to Host Single Block Plugins

WordPress core contributor Alex Shiels has published a proposal for a WordPress.org block directory that would host JavaScript-based, single block plugins. The directory would make blocks searchable and installable from within the Gutenberg editor. Building a directory for discovering blocks and seamlessly installing them is one of the nine projects that Matt Mullenweg identified as a priority for 2019.
Block collections have become one of the most popular ways for distributing a group of related blocks but this method can cause bloat. Users currently cannot search for individual blocks by name and plugin names and descriptions are not always a good indication of what the blocks do.
Shiels proposed the new directory be limited to single block plugins, frontend JavaScript blocks with no UI outside of the editor. It would be a separate section inside the Plugins Directory, optimized for users to find blocks by name and description. Developers would be required to use a block.json file with metadata as outlined in the Block Registration RFC, which provides a technical specification for block type registration.
The most controversial part of the proposal is having blocks installable from within the Gutenberg editor.  » Read More