WordPress Explores Forming a Nomination-Based Advisory Board

WordPress contributors are weighing in on a proposal for the formation of a nomination-based advisory board with set term limits for its members. Josepha Haden, the project’s Executive Director, published a first draft two weeks ago with ideas for how the board might operate and feedback is rolling in.
WordPress experimented with a growth council three years ago that Haden said was disbanded in December 2018 due to logistics and too much analysis causing paralyzed decision-making. The proposed advisory board would exist to provide “information on industry trends and risks as well as non-binding strategic advice to the Project Lead and Executive Director.”
“I am not proposing that this group would function as a final-say, decision-making body for the WordPress project,” Haden said. “It should serve as a collection of bright, insightful people who have contact with clients and end-users of WordPress. This removes the ‘analysis paralysis’ challenge that the growth councils faced.”
Haden proposed that WordPress use a traditional board process of nomination and self-nomination to form the group, where existing members would select candidates from nominees. Previous members of the growth council would be invited to be part of the first iteration of the Advisory Board with a 12-month term.  » Read More