What is an Email Blast? How to Do an Email Blast “the RIGHT Way”

Want to know what is an email blast and how to do it “the right way”?
An email blast or broadcast is a process of sending a single email message to a large number of subscribers in your mailing list.
These extremely effective for businesses to get more sales and bloggers use it to get more website traffic to their new content.
In this article, we will explain how to do an email blast the proper way as well as share some examples.

What is an Email Blast?
An email blast is a single email message that is sent to an entire email list, a large segment of an email list, or many email lists all at once.
These emails target most or all contacts in your mailing list which makes your email blasts have a wide reach.
Email blasts are also known as broadcast emails, mass emails, bulk emails, e-blasts, and email campaigns. Most people are using the term ‘email campaigns’ to avoid the aggressive tone inherent with ‘email blast.’
Email blasts are mainly used for sending promotional content and newsletters.  » Read More