Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 5.1.1 Patches Critical Vulnerability

This week, we got WordPress 5.1.1, a security and maintenance release that fixes a cross-site scripting vulnerability. If you haven’t updated yet, you should do so ASAP.
Beyond that, Automattic released a new video that takes some shots at Facebook, and Brad from Delicious Brains shares some reasons to host WordPress yourself.
Let’s get to all of this week’s news…

WordPress 5.1.1 Patches Critical Vulnerability – you should update ASAP – WP Tavern has the details.
How Brexit Will Affect WordPress Plugin and Theme Sellers – Brexit for WordPress’ers!
A meditation on the open web – interesting video from Automattic.
7 Reasons to Host WordPress Yourself – a good one from Brad at Delicious Brains.
Dark Mode WordPress Plugin Up for Adoption – want to adopt a plugin?
The Block Directory, and a new type of plugin – Alex has a proposal for a Block Directory.


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