Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 5.0 Further Pushed Back

A little while ago, the core team pushed the expected WordPress 5.0 release date from November 19 to November 27. Well, as the fact that there’s still no WordPress 5.0 indicates, that release date has been pushed back again.
In their release post for the WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate 1, the team only said that “A final release date will be announced soon, based on feedback on the RC.”
Beyond that, we’ve got some great development topics, as well as a guide to FTP for regular WordPress users.
Let’s get to all of this week’s news…
WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate – the Release Candidate is out, but the actual release date has been pushed back from November 27.
How Many Issues Are Acceptable for Gutenberg’s Release? – Eric asks the question.
Is PHP Dead? No! At Least Not According to PHP Usage Statistics – what do you think?
Implications Of Thinking In Blocks Instead Of Blobs – a good article at Smashing Magazine.
WPCampus Seeks to Raise $30K for Gutenberg Accessibili

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