Want The Best WordPress Map Plugin? 7 Options Compared

Maps add a different dimension to your website. You can use maps to display your office locations, show users where they can buy products, search results within a certain distance of the user or for many other needs. While displaying maps on your website will make it look a lot more professional and advanced, adding them is very easy with a WordPress map plugin.
A map plugin is the easiest way to add great-looking maps to WordPress without coding. Not only that, but you will be able to customize them easily depending on what you need from your maps.
Besides making them look good, a WordPress map plugin will provide a number of key features to further enhance your maps such as with map clusters, translatable maps and Geolocation to show the results near you.
But which WordPress map plugin should you use? Below we have outlined the 7 best with a list of the features they offer so you can decide which one will be best for your website.
The Best WordPress Map Plugins
Check out below our list of the best WordPress map plugins.
1. Toolset Maps

Toolset Maps is a popular WordPress map plugin that makes it easy to build and display detailed maps wherever you want on your website.  » Read More