Themes of the Future: A Design Framework and a Master Theme

WordPress theming has a rich history. Over the years, theme authors have brought a plethora of features to the platform. In part, it is because they have often had to solve foundational issues with WordPress to create the features that end users want.
The post and body classes all theme authors use today? Those were originally in a theme called Sandbox.
Featured images? Those were popularized by magazine themes a decade ago.
You think post formats originated with Tumblr? Matt Mullenweg, co-creator of WordPress, taught us how to create aside posts in our themes in 2004, but they existed before that.
WordPress features often get their start in the theme world. We sometimes take for granted the years of experimentation and iteration on ideas where theme authors are putting in the work. Even the block editor is handling items that have traditionally been within the realm of theme design. The cover block is a good example. For years, theme authors built theme options for a basic hero image with text and buttons overlain. The result was often clunky and not ideal for users. By bringing this feature into core,  » Read More