The Power of Stories: Chris Lema and the Bridge Framework

I would tell you that when Chris Lema, VP of Products at Liquid Web, is speaking, you should listen. But, there is no need to say that. He has an infectious quality that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. I found myself hanging onto every word in his session, The Content Framework that Powers Stories, Landing Pages, & More, via the WordCamp U.S. livestream this past weekend.
Telling stories is a uniquely human trait. Our ability to weave narratives together is what separates us from lower animals. Sure, other important things such as the ability to make fire, understand advanced mathematics, and build rocket-powered ships all set us apart. But, it is the stories we tell that are the most interesting things about us as a species.
Any good story leaves you waiting to see what will happen next and how the people within those stories react. How they grow. How they change.
This fundamental human activity was at the heart of Lema’s 15-minute presentation. “When people believe that you’ve been where they are and can see that you’ve gotten to the other side, they will follow,” said Lema of selling products.  » Read More