The Murky Waters of Free Web Hosting

Everybody likes a bargain and that’s one reason free web hosting attracts business owners who want to stretch their resources. But is it really a bargain? There’s a lot about free web hosting you should know before jumping on the bandwagon.
How Does Free Web Hosting Work?
All forms of web hosting operate by offering disk space (for storage) and bandwidth (so users can see them) for website files. With a free option, you are allotted a certain amount of shared resources. The important word to keep in mind is “shared.” That means you and a few hundred (or thousand) other website owners will be in competition for the same resources.
Sometimes that works out okay. Sometimes it doesn’t. You may find free hosting includes enough bandwidth for your needs, at least in the beginning. The price certainly is right and you can leave any time you like. Even so, there are some challenges that are likely to reflect badly on you and your business if you go with this solution.
How Long Will Your Host Be Around?
Paid hosting providers tend to stick around longer. Even though the names may change competitors purchasing one another,  » Read More