The Most Common WordPress Theme Development Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Submitting a theme to the theme directory is a great way to share your work and contribute to the WordPress community. Currently, there are over 7000 themes in the directory, the most popular of which exceeds 300,000 active installations. (Not including Twenty____ Themes which are packaged with WordPress and have install counts in the millions.)
Before submitting your theme to the directory, it’s important to understand the review process first because if your theme doesn’t meet those requirements it can be rejected on the spot.

Themes that have 3 or more distinct issues may be closed as not-approved. However, theme authors may resubmit the theme once they’ve corrected the issues.
Reviewers are on your side and want to see your theme go live, once it meets the standards required. If your theme has only minor issues preventing it being included in the directory, your reviewer will work with you to fix those.
Unfortunately, if your theme has too many issues it will be closed as not-approved. If you decide to fix the issues you can upload the theme again – but it will join the back of the queue.  » Read More