The Insider’s Guide to Selling Services using WooCommerce and WordPress

When you hear WooCommerce, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? An eCommerce website like Lowe’s or Nordstrom that sells and ships physical, tangible goods to your doorstep, right?! Given that a large portion of WooCommerce websites does just that, and the fact that it offers numerous innovative shipping management features, your perception is natural and not completely off.
However, this immensely popular eCommerce platform serves a much larger purpose; it can be used to sell everything – not just goods, but services too.
Selling Services Using WooCommerce
As a popular WordPress e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce provides all the basic functionality needed to create and sell a product. In the case of services, the product is the service you’re offering. Now, as is the case with products, there can be different types of services and not all services have the same set of requirements. WooCommerce offers a host of extensions that are helpful in performing many functions.
For example, when it comes to selling “hourly” services, or bookable services – could be housekeeping services, pet grooming services, doctor appointments, etc – WooCommerce’s ever-so-popular WooCommerce Bookings extension can be used for the job.
But when it comes to project-based services,

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