The 9 Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users in 2019

Looking for the best Chrome extensions for WordPress users to enhance your WordPress experience and/or boost your productivity?

You can find Chrome extensions for everything from detecting which theme a site is using to creating new WordPress sandbox installs, toggling the WordPress admin toolbar, and a whole lot more.
Let’s get right into the best WordPress Chrome extensions…
9 Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users
Here are our nine favorite Chrome extensions for WordPress users, in no particular order…
WPSNIFFER is a neat little extension that detects the active theme on a WordPress site. If possible, it will then link you straight to the theme.
While there are standalone website tools that do this, and you can also usually figure out a site’s theme by looking at the source code, this is still a nice extension that can save you some time:

2. WordPress Admin Bar Control
The WordPress admin toolbar gives you access to handy shortcuts to create or edit content, as well as access certain plugin features. You can also customize the WordPress toolbar to add your own content and improve your workflow.  » Read More