Should You Start an Anonymous Blog? 8 Reasons to Consider It (And 8 Not To)

There’s no doubt about it: we’re living in a world of over-sharers. Bloggers, social media users, celebrity influencers… It seems like everyone wants to be a Kardashian these days; to give the world a close-up look into what’s happening behind the scenes of their lives or to share every thought that’s running through their head.

Here’s the problem with oversharing or what some may even consider speaking out of turn: if you say the wrong thing, it could negatively affect the perception others have of you or your brand. While a public figure might be able to deflect attention caused by their vocalization or support of an unpopular or controversial idea, it doesn’t necessarily work that way for the average Joe. Especially when your thoughts are immortalized on the web.

Which brings me to today’s topic: why you might want to start an anonymous blog.

As a WordPress professional, you have your strengths. Coding. Web design. Plugin and theme integration. UX strategy. Security. Performance. Probably a whole host of other skills, too. But what if you happen to be really passionate about another topic? You already have your WordPress-related content on your blog, so would it be that big of a deal to merge this other passion within it?

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