Selling Services with WooCommerce: 5 Essential Aspects to Consider

You might have sold products with WooCommerce, or you might just be thinking about it … but how about using it to sell your services?
Most business owners think of WooCommerce as a way to sell physical or digital products: things that are created ahead of time, then purchased by customers.
But if you sell services – perhaps as a coach, consultant, or freelancer – you can still use WooCommerce.
Once you’ve figured out the services you’ll be offering, how you’re pricing them, and who you’re marketing them to, it’s time to get WooCommerce set up to work for you.
To make sure you get everything working smoothly from the beginning, you’ll need to consider these five important things:

#1  How Will You Track Your Conversion Rate?
You may not be sure what sort of conversion rate to expect for your services, even if you’ve been selling products through your site in the past.
Conversion rates vary a lot: some people will tell you that 2% is good; others will say that you should be aiming for as high as 11%.  » Read More