Say Hello To Forminator – Powerful WordPress Forms Have Never Been Easier

In 2017 we asked you what you’d like us to build for you, and you answered. We’ve already released one of those products (white label reports) and now, officially, it’s time to welcome one of the others. Please say g’day to your new favourite form builder plugin… Forminator Pro!
And, as a first for us, we’re releasing an entirely free version at the same time over at, so you really have no excuse not to go check it out 🙂
Why is this such a big deal? With Forminator available to millions of users on and the included free developer API you can start making money developing your own extensions – but more on that later.

Forminator Pro and Forminator are now available!
First, let me explain a little bit about why we think WordPress (and more particularly WPMU DEV members) need another form plugin and why we think we’ve cracked it with this one.
It’s pretty simple really, our aim is to provide WPMU DEV members with all the critical tools they need to set up and manage their WordPress websites, and forms are a big part of that.
So when we received a bazillion requests to supply you with a form plugin as part of your membership (in part,

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