Reakit Version 1.0 Released: A New Toolkit for Building Accessible Web Apps with React

Reakit is a new toolkit for building accessible web apps with React. Brazilian developer Diego Haz launched his MIT-licensed open source project this week with a stable version 1.0 now available to the public.
The toolkit offers offers composable, themeable, and accessible UI components that strictly follow WAI-ARIA 1.1 standards. Out of the box, Reakit manages focus and keyboard interactions for components that require them.
“WAI-ARIA is hard,” Haz said. “Mostly because the spec is dense, confusing and incomplete. My goal with Reakit is not only to provide accessible components out of the box, but also to serve as an example so people can build their own accessible stuff from scratch.”

A year ago I left my job to dedicate myself to this open source project.
🎉 Announcing Reakit v1 🎉👉
This is the best project I’ve ever done in my 17 years of programming. I’m sure it’ll help many companies ship accessible web apps with ease. ♿️
— Haz (@diegohaz) May 14, 2019

Last year Haz removed all the unnecessary styles from the core package,  » Read More