Reaching into the Guts of WordPress with Elementor Theme Builder


In the early days, what attracted us to WordPress was that it allowed regular people to do what seemed to be, at the time, advanced things. As the range of things WordPress could do increased, the more optimistic among us got a carried away and presumed that we would soon be able to use it to create almost any type of site. The only limit would be our imaginations.

Of course, when we tried to build our dream sites, time and time again we kept running up against the harsh reality that WordPress was not quite there, not yet.

We did not give up, the dream was too entrancing, and we presumed that, surely, the next version of WordPress, or the next release of a leading plugin, would bring the breakthroughs we dreamt of.

We certainly did not realize that it would take over a decade for the tools to evolve to what we have today, which is pretty close to want we were imagining back then.



One plugin that, today, places unprecedented power in the hands of non-coders is Elementor, a frontend page builder that lets you drag and drop page elements in real time.

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