pipdig Theme Alternatives for WordPress Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs

Over the past week and a half, there’s been some much-publicized controversy with the pipdig WordPress theme shop.

To make a long story short, Wordfence and Jem Turner documented oddly malicious code in the Pipdig Power Pack plugin, which is a part of pipdig’s WordPress themes. The response from pipdig…wasn’t great, and pipdig is denying refund requests from their customers.
We’re not going to discuss the malicious code in detail (you can read Sarah’s great post at WP Tavern for that). However, we are here to help if you’re a pipdig customer who’s looking for some alternatives to pipdig themes.
pipdig primarily created WordPress themes for niches like lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, etc. As such, we’ll focus this list of pipdig theme alternatives on quality theme shops that can give you a similar aesthetic without any malicious code!
Best pipdig Theme Alternatives for Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers
Below, we’ll share both entire theme shops and specific themes that are good alternatives to pipdig.
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