Official WooCommerce Android App Now in Beta

The first official WooCommerce Android app is now in open beta. The companion mobile app allows users to manage their WooCommerce stores on the go. Store owners who want to test the unreleased version of the mobile app can sign up with the Google Play Store. The WooCommerce app requires Jetpack to connect stores to the app.

The beta introduces a basic set of features for managing orders, viewing store stats, and receiving sales notifications, including the following:
Check basic orders and revenue statistics with time period selection.
View orders list in chronological order, with status and total value.
Review individual orders with all the standard details, and contact customers.
Perform basic order fulfillment.
Get notifications about orders and reviews, and the ability to moderate them.
View a list of the top-selling products on your store.
The app’s real-time order alerts even include an optional “cha-ching” sounds for new orders.

Over the past few years, the WooCommerce community has demonstrated a demand for mobile apps on both platforms. A suggestion for

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