Mythic: A WordPress Starter Theme by Justin Tadlock Now in Open Beta

Justin Tadlock, founder of Theme Hybrid, has released Mythic, a starter theme that provides modern tools to get theme developers started on the right foot.

Theming in 2018 is much different than theming in 2008. Without the right tools, it can be overwhelming to simply get started building even the most basic theme.
Justin Tadlock

While starter themes are nothing new in the WordPress space, Mythic and WP Rig take things to the next level and relatively share the same goal of providing a modern foundation to develop on top of.

Part of the inspiration to build Mythic began two years ago. In trying to revamp the News theme, Tadlock became frustrated with how difficult it was to use old coding methods and dropped the project.
“In a lot of ways, it was the catalyst that started me down this road toward Mythic,” Tadlock said. “I didn’t realize it at the time. But, that’s where some of my frustration began with modern theme building.”

Mythic supports PHP 5.6+ although Tadlock is strongly pushing developers towards PHP 7+. “Anything earlier than 5.6 means for clunky code that’s just a headache to maintain,” he said.

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