LaunchParty Review: Learn How to Build a WordPress Site

Here at WPLift, we love WordPress because it makes it possible for anyone to create the website of their dreams.

But…when you’re just getting started with WordPress, it can be hard to figure out how to unlock that potential and make your website look and function like you want it to.
In our LaunchParty review, we’re going to look at a 100% free WordPress mini-course that aims to help you create a “website in a weekend”.
Because it’s 100% free, that’s already a pretty enticing part of what LaunchParty offers. But beyond that, LaunchParty offers a solid curriculum built on quality tools.
Combine that with detailed video tutorials and summary checklists, and you’ve got a very helpful course to help you create a WordPress website.
LaunchParty Review: What The Course Covers

LaunchParty is a “3-day challenge for beginners” to help you “learn how to create beautiful WordPress websites”.
While LaunchParty uses this 3-day approach to break up its curriculum, there’s nothing enforcing the three-day limit, so you can feel free to move through the course faster or slower depending on your needs.  » Read More