In Case You Missed It – Issue 26

photo credit: Night Moves – (license)
There’s a lot of great WordPress content published in the community but not all of it is featured on the Tavern. This post is an assortment of items related to WordPress that caught my eye but didn’t make it into a full post.
Birgit Olzem Could Use the Community’s Help
Birgit Olzem has encountered some financial hard times due to multiple illnesses and paying for acupuncture treatments and osteopathic therapy which are not covered by her insurance. Olzem fell ill earlier this year which prevented her from generating income as a self-employed person.

Dear #WordPress community!
Today I turn to you with a request that I find very difficult to make. 🥴
Over the last 7 years, I’ve invested a lot of time and money in the contributions for WordPress. Despite five children, part-time jobs and chronic diseases. #Thread
— Birgit Olzem (@CoachBirgit) June 13, 2019

If my contributions to #WordPress have helped in any way over the years, or you just like me as a person,  » Read More