How to Update PHP to the Recommended Version for WordPress

Using an outdated version of WordPress core, plugins or themes isn’t ideal. PHP is no different.
While WordPress technically works with PHP 5.6 and above, you’re sacrificing performance and compatibility, plus you’re open to security vulnerabilities by using older PHP versions. You should always aim to use the latest version of PHP.
In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to check what version of PHP you are running and how to update your PHP to the recommended version for WordPress.
What is PHP
PHP can do things like calculations, process conditional logic and pull information from the database so you can take a dynamic approach to build your webpages.
Unlike JavaScript, which modifies the HTML in the browser after the page has been constructed, PHP happens on the server. Since PHP happens before the HTML is rendered, you have more control over the final layout of the page.
If you look in your WordPress site’s files, you’ll see a lot of PHP files. These are the instructions that your server uses to build not only the webpages your visitor sees but also the WordPress admin backend. PHP is a major part of WordPress.  » Read More