How to Test Your Site for Updating to Gutenberg (WordPress 5.0)

Are you excited to use the new WordPress Gutenberg editor? Officially launched with WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg is the new default content editor for WordPress that allows you create visually stunning content using blocks.
The challenge is that some themes and plugins may not properly support Gutenberg, so updating your website can cause unexpected issues.
In this article, we’ll show you how to test your WordPress site for updating to Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0.

Why Test Your WordPress Site Before Updating to Gutenberg?
WordPress 5.0 brings a totally new way of creating content with a brand new editor called The Block Editor or Gutenberg. It uses blocks which are content elements that you can move around the editor.

WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg editor is indeed a revolutionary improvement to the WordPress platform.
However due to this massive change, some users are reluctant to update their sites right away, fearing that something would not work, or it may break their website.
Gutenberg was developed over a long period with enough time for theme and plugin developers to make their products Gutenberg compatible. All top WordPress plugins are already fully compatible with Gutenberg and most themes would work without a hiccup.

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