How To Restrict Or Disable Blocks In The WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg)

The new WordPress block editor in WordPress 5.0 – named Gutenberg while under development – brings with it a ton of new blocks (hence the name!).

Beyond the 34+ default blocks, third-party plugins can also add their own blocks for you to use in your designs.
All that means that you might be looking at potentially hundreds of blocks when you go to create content with the new Gutenberg block editor. Talk about clutter!
To help you get a better handle on those blocks, I’m going to show you how to disable Gutenberg blocks in the new editor. You can either disable blocks for all users. Or, you can disable Gutenberg blocks for specific user roles, user accounts, on certain post types, etc..
Some potential use cases for the strategies in this post are:

Streamlining the block editor interface by removing blocks that you’ll never use. Essentially – less clutter.
Restricting what types of content that other users can create. For example, if you have third-party authors at your site, you might not want them to be able to include a payment block or something.  » Read More