How to Manage User Sessions Effectively in WordPress

Have you ever wondered who is logged into your WordPress site or what they’re doing while logged in? For some of you, this curiosity might only pertain to members, customers, and other logged-in users on the frontend of your site. For others, you may need deeper insights into what backend users are doing within the WordPress admin.

Currently, WordPress does not have any native capabilities to track user sessions or activity or to help you exert control over those sessions. So, regardless of what type of user session you want to monitor and manage, you will need a user session control plugin to help you do so. Let’s take a look what options are available and how you can use these for enhanced session control in WordPress.

User Session Control: What You Need to Know

When you think about live monitoring of user sessions in WordPress, your mind may first turn to Google Analytics Real-Time Traffic Monitor.

While this tool will provide you with insights into what’s happening with users on the frontend of your site, it’s delivered in the standard Google Analytics data format. Granted, this data is valuable, but we’re talking about exerting control over user sessions,

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