How To Get More Email Subscribers On Your WordPress Site

No matter what type of website you’re running, building an email list creates an evergreen asset that will keep working no matter what Google decides to do with your rankings or how viral your content goes on social media. As a wise man once said, there’s always money in the banana stand, and the same can be said of your email list.But, building an email list isn’t easy, and WordPress isn’t set up to help you grow a list from day one. To help, we’ve created this big guide to increasing emails subscribers from your WordPress site.We’ll first off cover what you actually need to build your list (i.e. a service to store all of those subscribers). Then, we’ll go through a couple of strategies that will help you grow your email list at your WordPress site.The Benefits Of Building An Email List For Your WordPress SiteWith social media, your content is always limited by how much reach the social network decides to give you. And with recent changes to Facebook and Twitter, that reach continues to be less and less (unless you’re willing to pay for ads, of course – what a coincidence!).Similarly, SEO traffic depends on staying in Google’s good graces,

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