How To Fix “Failed To Load Resource” Error In WordPress

Are you seeing “Failed to load resource error” in WordPress or your browser’s inspect tool?
Many WordPress users find it difficult to figure out what resource or file is not loading, and more importantly why is it not loading correctly.
This file can be anything like an image, other media, JavaScript, or a CSS stylesheet. A missing resource can cause your website to misbehave or not function properly.
In this article, we will show you how to easily troubleshoot and fix the “Failed to Load Resource” error in WordPress.

Why Failed to Load Resource Error Occurs?
Failed to load resource error occurs when WordPress is unable to load a file that it is supposed to load.
Basically when WordPress generates a page, it includes several files in the code such as images, scripts, stylesheets, and more. During the page load, these files are loaded by user’s browser.
For more details, see our guide on how WordPress works behind the scenes.
If the browser is unable to load a specific file, then it would go on to display the page without that file.  » Read More