How to Create a Custom WooCommerce Client Dashboard?

If you are a web development agency working with WooCommerce projects, providing your clients with analytics information that they can use to make useful, actionable decisions is something that you should add to your list right away. Providing your clients with WooCommerce client dashboards or a WooCommerce sales dashboard can step up your game.

Yes, having a good looking shop does help the user in providing a better shopping experience, and even it also helps in building the brand’s reputation. But when it comes to improving the performance and scalability, you need to have access to data which you can rely on and use to make more informed decisions for your eCommerce store.
How Can a Custom WooCommerce Dashboard Help?
WooCommerce shop owners often miss out on the most crucial aspect of having an eCommerce store, and that is having access to proper analytics. Most of the time if store owners decide to study analytics, they go with Google Analytics free version.
This is not a bad tool for calculating the performance of the e-commerce store, but it offers limited data analysis and some of the crucial elements like Checkout Behaviour Analysis.  » Read More