How to Completely Customize the WordPress Login Page

Last updated
March 13, 2019

The WordPress login page isn’t very welcoming, is it? It’s more like a boring door in an alley than spectacular pearly gates. But how you initiate users into the secret part of your site matters, especially if you have something special in there.
The portal through which people enter your world helps build anticipation and primes their peepers for what is inside. Branding your WordPress sign in page can help you elevate your protected content and WordPress admin dashboard, telling your visitor, this is no ordinary WordPress site.
In this post, I’m going to show you what goes into building a custom WordPress login page. I’ll then show you how to make the changes using the appropriate CSS and/or PHP code, for those of you who want full control or only want to change one little thing.
Then, we’ll cover how to make changes with Branda, formerly the Ultimate Branding plugin, which will allow you to completely customize the look of your login form, quickly and without touching any code. We also have a quick video that shows you exactly how to set up Branda,  » Read More