How to Clone a WordPress Site in 7 Easy Steps

Generally speaking, cloning is considered an unethical practice. However, when you think of cloning in terms of making a duplicate WordPress site, a whole new world of completely ethical possibilities can open up for your business. In this article, we will show you how to easily clone a WordPress site in 7 easy steps.

What is Cloning, and Why Use It?
The idea behind cloning a WordPress site is simple: you make an exact copy or duplicate of one WordPress site and apply it to another site.
You might be wondering, are there any good reasons to actually do this? Absolutely!
One practical scenario is when you are moving a WordPress site to a new web host or a new domain name. Cloning a site will save you hours of work.
Another possible use is when you are developing a site for a client on your local server. Once the project is done, you can duplicate the WordPress site and move it to your client’s live server.
Lastly, you can clone a live WordPress site to your local server for testing and development purposes.
Cloning a WordPress site is not that difficult at all.

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