How to Change Your Password in WordPress (Beginner’s Guide)

Do you want to learn how to change your WordPress password? Sometimes you might forget your password or need to change it for security reasons.
While there is a lost password link on the login page that lets you reset your password, sometimes the WordPress password reset email never makes it to your inbox because your WordPress hosting company does not have it configured properly.
Other times, you might want to force change the WordPress password for every user on your website due to security reasons.
In this beginners guide, we will show you four different ways to change the WordPress password to cover every possible scenario.

Before You Change Your WordPress Password
We can’t emphasize enough that passwords are your first line of defense against hacking attempts.
A lot of times users end up using a weak password because it’s easy to remember. Please don’t do that. You can use one of the many free and secure password managers.
Sometimes it might be tempting to share your WordPress passwords with team members or even contract developers. You should never do that.  » Read More