How to Boost Your Rates in One Afternoon with Toolset’s Custom Types Training Course

The million-dollar question for WordPress web freelancers is how they can increase their rates without losing customers.
Increasing your rates usually means one of two things. You are in such demand that you can afford to raise them. Or you are able to perform additional services which increase your value.
For the latter, there is now a quick and easy solution. That solution is Toolset’s Custom Types Training Course.

Learn to build more advanced websites with Toolset’s Custom Types Training Course
Toolset’s Custom Types Training Course is one of the quickest ways to learn to build some of the most important features that complex websites such as real estate, directory or e-commerce websites require.
Usually, if you wanted to build the likes of a custom search or custom post types, you would need to learn to code PHP. Not only will it take a long time to learn but it will also take a long time to build these features even when you become a PHP expert.
Instead, a far easier method is by using a plugin. Toolset is the best option for this because you can use it to create many of the features that you will need to build professional websites.  » Read More