How To Automatically Generate Affiliate Income From A Curated Content Site

I’ve written before about how you can make money with curated content websites. Now, I’m back with a twist:

Earning affiliate income from curated content automatically.

Yup – I’m going to show you how you can automatically curate content and automatically insert relevant affiliate links into that content. You’re going to see the word “automatically” a lot.

The beauty of this approach is that, after the setup process, it’s pretty much 100% hands-off. Everything is taken care of automatically by WordPress plugins.

I’ll also show you how you can do this respectfully and with proper credit to the original creators.

Want to learn more? Let’s get started…

What You’ll Need To Create An Automatic Content Curation Site With Affiliate Links

In order to follow this tutorial, you’re going to need one free plugin and two premium plugins:

WP RSS Aggregator – this free plugin lets you easily import RSS feeds to your WordPress site.

Feed To Post Add-on – this paid add-on for WP RSS Aggregator makes it possible to import RSS feed items as actual WordPress posts, which is essential if you want to insert your own affiliate links.

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