How to Add WooCommerce Login Pop-up and Registration for Your Store

Here’s a tutorial on how to add WooCommerce Login Pop-up and Registration for Your Store. The WooCommerce Login Popup and Shortcodes plugin makes it possible for you to set up a pop-up page wherein your customers can quickly log-in, register, or even reset password.

One of the reasons why you should add WooCommerce login pop-up and registration for your store is very simple: good user-experience. Customers want to act fast. They want to make a purchase and manage their accounts instantly, so you make all features accessible for them in a snap! You let them complete their transactions almost in one page or without having to leave it.

Redirecting them to another page just to log-in, for example, can sometimes be a waste of time. Thus, a login page that just pops up in a fraction of a second can save time. Customers don’t even have to leave the product page and can instantly carry on shopping after logging in. After all, that is what they came for – to shop!

Here’s the Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a WooCommerce Login Pop-up Page

 Step 1

 The first step is to add the plugin,

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