How to Add WooCommerce Bulk Add to Cart Functionality to Your Store

Want to add WooCommerce bulk add to cart functionality to your store? In this post, you’ll learn how to use a WooCommerce bulk add to cart plugin to let shoppers add multiple products to their carts at the same time.
In the end, you’ll be able to add something that looks like the example below, along with an option to fully customize what information shows up for each product and whether to include an add to cart button for each product (along with the checkbox):

I’ll start by introducing the plugin that you’ll use to add your bulk add to cart functionality. Then, I’ll show you step-by-step how to use the plugin to add bulk add to cart functionality to your WooCommerce store.
What You’ll Use To Add WooCommerce Bulk Add To Cart Functionality
To create the bulk add to cart feature that I showed you above, you’ll use the WooCommerce Product Table plugin from Barn2 Media.
This plugin lets you create a flexible, searchable, and filterable list of any or all of your WooCommerce products. You can control exactly what information displays – like whether or not to include a product image or description.  » Read More