How to Add Stripe Donate Button in WordPress (with Recurring Option)

Do you want to add a Stripe donate button to your WordPress site? Stripe is one of the best online payment processors in the world because it allows anyone to easily accept online payments on their website including donations.
In the past, you had to use an eCommerce plugin to accept payments, but that’s not needed anymore specially if you want to collect donations or sell a few products. You can use a simple payment form to do the job.
In this article, we will show you how to easily add a Stripe donate button in WordPress.

What You Need to Accept Stripe Donations on Your Website
You’ll need to create a Stripe account. You can create an account for free and will only be charged for transactions.
You’ll also need a WordPress website with SSL enabled. SSL adds a security layer to your website making it safe for accepting payments. To learn more, see our guide on how to get a free SSL certificate for your website.
Lastly, you’ll need a WordPress extension to connect your Stripe account.  » Read More