How One WPMU DEV Member Built A Global Development Empire

WPMU DEV is a complete WordPress toolkit built by developers for developers. In the early days we just built plugins that we needed and thought, “hey, someone else might need this too”. 15 years later WPMU DEV plugins are installed on +2,000,000 WordPress sites.
But the foundation hasn’t changed…we build products and services for freelancers, designers, developers, agencies, power users and hobbyists that solve real-world problems quick and easy.
At the very top of our list is 1-to-1 member feedback from members that are using our products every day to manage and grow their businesses. So we started interviewing our members. Not only has this practice provided valuable insight, but it has also been incredibly inspiring to see how people are using our services to build their own businesses and impact their local communities.
Recently we were able to talk with Mike Bosch, the founder and CEO of Bethzoe, a digital development agency that builds mobile apps, WordPress sites, and offers WordPress management services. He shared how they’re able to make their services more efficient with WPMU DEV so they can produce better products for their global clients and give back to charities in their local community.

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